What’s On My Desk?


I’ll be upfront here; Speyburn is not my favorite single malt. It’s too light and airy for my preference but there’s a nice story behind the bottle that resides on my desk at work.

It was a birthday present from a person I worked closely with for a number of years. She was a vodka drinker and never quite understood my taste in liquer but she, none the less, would always give me a bottle of single malt for my birthday. We worked well together and created some pretty amazing programs that brought both of us a measured amount of success and recognition. Two years ago we went our separate ways, amicable enough, and I always knew the annual birthday present – and the lavish holiday gifts – were really more of a client recognition thing than a friendship thing. And that was ok, really.

It was ackward the year my birthday rolled around as I had a hunch she was going to keep the tradition but we were no longer working together and it just no longer fit. It took me a full eight months to get myself over to her studio to retrieve the dusty package that I had been told was sitting there waiting for me and I finally did, on my lunch hour.

I ended up putting the bottle of Speyburn on my desk at work and there it sat as a testament to my passion for single malt. It became a wonderful conversation piece and people who came by my office noticed the bottle and instantly got a sense of who I was. This helped a great deal as I was in a new job in a new field and folks were still sizing me up. There was no question that I was a woman with balls (a compliment to my feminine ways) and the man’s world I was now working in suddenly became my Oyster. So the birthday present has served it’s purpose well. And yes, we eventually did drink it and my desk is all the emptier for it.

This makes me laugh because I consider Speyburn kind of a soft ball of single malt. It’s good enough but nothing that will put hair on MY chest – all due respect to the fine folks who toil to bring Speyburn to the world.

My birthday is in six months, by the way.

Speyburn 10